A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was a collaboration with Squaredev,  based on the original cart by Roby. Made in 2 weeks for A Game by its Cover 2017. Music by Boyful.


ARROWS or WASD - move

Z or Q or LEFT MOUSE - attack

X or E or RIGHT MOUSE - interact

C or F or MIDDLE MOUSE - pick up

V or T or TAB - inventory

ESC or P - pause


Sacrifice of Love WIN32 Update 1.zip 18 MB
Sacrifice of Love MAC Update 1.zip 22 MB
Sacrifice of Love LINUX Update 1.zip 23 MB


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I love it. Cute and simple. There is a little graphical glitch at the start, but that's not a problem.

defently one of the polished ones. The idea is great even though I was not capable of givin her her meat. Also the Conrols are a bit wierd at least for me but I see you have a ton of options there

Lovely game!!!